My name is Duncan Barford and OEITH is my blog, exploring territory demarcated by the terms magick, spirituality and the paranormal, focusing in particular on how these intersect within personal experience, psychology and spiritual practice.

OEITH ran originally from 2009 to 2015, serving as an online supplement to my book of the same title published by Aeon 2010. I stopped blogging when I began training as a counsellor, concerned that a conspicuous interest in the occult might prove professionally unhelpful. But since qualifying, and having worked for several years in various therapeutic contexts, it feels okay to start discussing again in public my deep and lifelong interest in this field. Since the publication of Jung’s The Red Book in 2009, the manifold connections in thought and outlook between the western esoteric tradition and the aims and origins of psychotherapy have become more visible in the mainstream.

My plan is to make available a book containing articles from the first phase of the blog, and other material I published anonymously elsewhere. I am currently working on this, and also hoping to bring to completion a book I have been working on for the past three years exploring the Abramelin ritual.

This second phase of OEITH is likely to be more reflective in style. Comments and feedback facilities are all switched off, but if there is anything here you would like to discuss, please contact me by email: duncan@oeith.co.uk.