Illuminated Audio #001

I listen to a lot of occult podcasts these days, so I thought I would start to share some recommendations of particularly interesting things I’ve listened to, just in case you might have missed them.

Here are three that have stayed with me particularly over the past few weeks.

  • The Higherside Chats (6 May 2022) – Allen Greenfield | Sex Magic, the Grail Within, and Manifestation.
    Greenfield is completely on form and as hilarious as always in this substantial and very open conversation. He shares his own experiences and techniques in a fair degree of detail, plus how he found them and made them his own. The experiences and results obtained don’t sound any different from other branches of magick, and this isn’t addressed, but maybe it doesn’t need spelling out that although it’s no more effective than other forms, sex magick might be more fun.

  • The Modern Fairy Sightings Podcast – Ep. 35 Mike Clelland
    A wonderfully detailed discussion about anomalous experiences involving owls. That’s what Mike Clelland’s research is focused upon. And if you think that might be too specialist to have much appeal, Clelland is so passionate, so open, and willing to share his own experience and enter into the experiences of others, that this conversation was totally absorbing, helped also by the equally interested and impassioned interviewer.

  • Skeptiko – Ep. 548 Cherylee Black, Can NDEs Lead to Psychokinesis?
    Mainstream acceptance of the paranormal would be a huge leap forward, no? Presumably intended to demonstrate otherwise, this odd and awkward conversation ends up proving why that wouldn’t be the case. Even if the paranormal were revealed as true, folks would try to use it to grind all kinds of axes. Immensely interesting, but for the wrong reasons. I’m sure Alex Tsakiris didn’t mean to talk at and about his guest, rather than with her, but this perhaps reveals something unfortunate in the dynamics of truth and belief at work in this interview.

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