I’ve written a number of books in the fields of occultism and spiritual practice, as well as fiction.

These include The Baptist’s Head trilogy, co-authored with Alan Chapman. The links will take you to more information about these on The Baptist’s Head website.

The Baptist's Head trilogy

Otherwise, here are some books I’ve either written myself, or have been responsible for bringing into production:

Occult Experiments in the Home - bookcover Cover of The Retreat, showing a cut-up of a country house.
Book cover for Handbook for the Recently Enlightened Sefer Aemeth: the Enochian Aethyrs (book cover)
Book cover for The Nidana Cards: a Buddhist Oracle and Teaching Tool Book cover for The Albadine and Other Stories
Book cover for The Remains of Kenneth Vacuum

4 thoughts on “Books

  1. I’m really enjoying the book. Your excellent writing and fantastic observations make it a real pleasure. The only problem is that with this precedent, your readership will demand such quality in the future! Hopefully we’re a forgiving lot ;)

  2. Hey Duncan. I’ve created an OEITH page on Facebook and, although this wasn’t my original intention (I was trying to get a picture of the book onto where I ‘favorited’ it in my profile, and the result was to create a page for it), I was wondering if this was okay with you or not. If not, I’ll delete it, if so, well there it is. Either way no big deal, I just thought I’d let you know since you’re not on FB anymore and because you wrote the book and all. :)

  3. We take issue with you referring to our wonderful website as ‘nasty, evil old Facebook’. We spent many years working on it and liaised with both the CIA and FBI so that we may covertly monitor the citizens of the world and better understand how we may manipulate them through subconscious imagery and neurolinguistic programming. In future please make sure you refer to it as ‘wonderful, good Facebook.’
    Fond regards,

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