Let Us Pray

That in which awareness arises, beyond time and space, is totally mind-blowing.

One day, it’ll be recognised by everyone within their awareness.

For now, let’s ensure our immediate material needs are met, but that we don’t become trapped in what our ignorance produces, nor in the effects on us of others’ ignorance.

Let’s not be distracted by whatever is not working towards this, but repeatedly step back from it.

Because that in which awareness arises is what life on earth is really all about, and this amazing, indescribable realisation is always there, supplying the strength to recognise that everything is okay.

Job done!

(My paraphrase of The Lord’s Prayer.)

9 thoughts on “Let Us Pray

  1. Thanks – i just wish I’d seen it like that throughout all those school days when I was forced to bow my head and utter the original. I guess I still wouldn’t have understood what I was saying but it might not have caused such a negative reaction within me – one which took years for me to re-adjust from.

  2. I wonder, though (@Neil) if every kid had to mumble the above in school every day, if they wouldn’t be saying the same thing: “stupid prayer, yeah, right “indescribable realisations” what the hell is that supposed to mean? calling me ignorant. you know how long it took me to recover from thinking of myself as ignorant, and feeling guilty for being distracted and unable to step back from it? stupid prayer.”

    Don’t these childhood religious beliefs and their subsequent rejections come more from their position as symbols of adult authority and ones relationship to that, rather than their actual content?

  3. Lol, Ona, yup! The problem is with authority in my opinion; young people will tend reject anything that’s imposed on them, because they have not yet been indocrinated into conformity. It doesn’t matter that much if what is being imposed is so through a supposed good will intention, in my opinion; the method of teaching matters at least as much (or even more) than the content.

    And Duncan, thanks. I find your prayer very inspiring!

  4. I think that ‘the guy with a white beard seated on a cloud’ is partly a consequence of inflicting religion upon children. What else are kids going to make of this stuff? And once it’s in their minds, it can stick! One of the big problems I have with exoteric traditions is their insistence on exposing children to religious practices and beliefs. It sets my teeth on edge when I see Buddhists encouraging their kids to meditate, for example. No! Kids should be allowed to go out and play and think and act like total materialists! :-D

  5. But why wouldn’t you try to teach your children the things that are desperately important to you? You try to teach them manners and culture and values of all kinds, so that they won’t suffer the mistakes you made or get into trouble or come to harm (including supernatural harm), and that’s going to include the religious beliefs that you find provide a comfort or structure. Or sending them to a shrink, because that helped you. Or making them eat your weird diet, because it’s done you so much good…

  6. I think it may simply be part of the human pattern for many people to spend the teen and young adult years exploring and having adventures, including rebelling against whatever they were taught as kids. Many of the old ladies at church tell me they came back to church after spending their younger years partying or hanging out at the beach, being far more interested in the pleasures of the world than spiritual things…

  7. I’m not a parent, so I’m not really qualified to comment. But what I’d aim to do is to respect the individuality of children. What was right for me isn’t necessarily right for them. And also to respect the fact that they are children, which means they need to play. I suppose I imagine that — ideally — kids should encounter the world through play, in order to discover organically what they like and want, rather than having lifestyles and ideas foisted upon them. (Which seems to be becoming increasingly difficult in our culture.)

  8. Nice prayer. Seems to equate the Father with the Kingdom. I like that.

    Regarding kids: There’s just no way to plan religious upbringing – damned if you do, damned if you don’t. My daughter loved all the juicy stories from all the world’s cults, in particular if they involved streams of giant wee. She also wanted to know what’s up with meditation, and I kept resisting, sharing Duncan’s sentiment, and being afraid of her stumbling into spiritual wilderness territory, and equally afraid of her thinking it a dumb thing to do after trying it out. :)

    Children growing up are a force of nature. Irresistible.


  9. Well, I would rather have had this prayer than the C of E crap I had to recite when I was but a 6 year old, led to believe I was a damned and wretched soul observed 24 7 by the tyrant who created me fucked up, but who is now commanding me to be better. And hey! If I don’t follow the paranoid repressive judgemental hysteria of said church I will be tortured forever. Yes, God will abuse countless children in eternity for making him angry by being born.

    Should I be lucky enough to have kids, and should we ever perchance upon a street preacher, I shall challenge his attempt at psychologically abusing children who might be within hearing range, and verily shall he be smote.

    Anyway, not to worry; bar a collapse of western civilisation, Christianity will be dead in a ditch within a few decades, hopefully with its face on fire, as it is proving impossible to evolve to meet the needs of well educated and materially comfortable people. Once everyone over 60 is dead, and those Africans have a middle class… ;)

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